What Makes Face-to-Face Interactions So Successful?

What Makes Face-to-Face Interactions So Successful?

Networking at events is dying. Or at least, this is the prediction some professionals are defending, referring to the increased use of social media and dreadful feelings that usually accompany networking.


Indeed, networking at events is not the most pleasant dynamic. Talking to strangers, bouncing around between weird conversations to awkward silences or not knowing what you’ll get out of these events is just the tip of the iceberg.


Plus, considering the new generation of professionals has been 'destroyed by their smartphones', rendering them unable to interact with their peers in person. The future of networking looks pretty gloomy, doesn’t it? You might think so, but the statistics actually paint a totally different picture.


Apparently, one of the reasons people attend events is to have face-to-face interactions with other attendees. 'The Decision to Attend' 2017 study, conducted by The Experience Institute, highlighted that 76% of all generations say ...

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