Discover Two Exclusive Event Venues in Brussels

Discover Two Exclusive Event Venues in Brussels

Are you looking for a unique location for your event? Would you rather go with an iconic location or with an artistic scenery in the centre of Europe? At Brussels Heizel you'll find both: the Atomium and the ADAM museum.


Have you ever considered the Atomium as an event location? This supreme symbol of Brussels and Belgium is mainly known as a unique achievement in architectural history and the most fascinating building in Europe's capital. However, you can also rent the Atomium as a venue for your event.


Nearby, in the shadow cast by the Atomium, you'll find the Art & Design Atomium Museum (ADAM). This is the only museum and arts centre in Brussels thus far which is dedicated to twentieth century art and design. Here, you will find numerous meeting and event options in an artistic setting.



Iconic Atomium

From the stainless steel spheres (18 metres in diameter), supported by an impressive metal frame, you'll have the most beautiful view over Brussels. In the spheres, you'll find polyvalent rooms which you can completely furnish for meetings, seminars, conferences, product launches, team buildings, cocktail parties or gala evenings. It is accessible for events ranging from 50 (1 sphere) to 800 people (the entire Atomium). The formulas for renting, furnishing and catering can be completely customised in accordance with your event. Combinations with temporary and permanent expositions in the Atomium are possible.



Artistic ADAM

In the Art & Design Atomium Museum (ADAM) companies or private individuals will also find interesting rooms for activities and events. ADAM is the perfect setting for meetings, conferences, events, cocktails, gala evenings or weddings. The unique setting in the museum, the combination with paying a visit to the collection or temporary expositions gives your event that extra touch it needs.


The ADAM offers both fixed and flexible renting formulas and catering options for events ranging up to 500 persons.

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