16 Studio Design Ideas for Your Online Events

16 Studio Design Ideas for Your Online Events

Let's talk about the future of the events industry a bit. It may look scary for some, especially for professionals who have had to cancel their events.

According to a survey conducted by Meeting Professionals International, 51% of planners and 73% of suppliers anticipate the coronavirus pandemic to still have a great impact on their business over the next 12 months. However, pivoting to a different meeting framework can lead to unexpected results. That’s why we’re seeing the emergence of online events, which may subsequently lead to the reinvention of hybrid experiences once the pandemic ends. 

The idea of producing events is shifting from planning logistics to media logistics. Instead of venue stages, speakers and moderators are gathering in well-equipped studios where they can record and share their talks. Events are becoming a media product that people can enjoy from the comfort of their homes. And that’s only the beginning, so you may want to consider joining the movement and transforming your events into a stand-alone media brand. That’s why we’ve decided to search for interesting studio design ideas for your online events. After all, you’ll want to make your events look professional, as opposed to those Zoom calls from your office. Oh, and don't forget to select the best online event software!


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