How to Attract More Leads Using the Content from Your Events

How to Attract More Leads Using the Content from Your Events

As more companies and organizations are starting to experiment with online events, we’re discovering new ways of communicating and promoting our brands. And although we’ve been able to run virtual events for some time already, since last year there is unsurprisingly a significant increase in online conferences, summits, and one-hour events, and this trend will undoubtedly continue for quite some time. The question, however, is how can we capitalize even more on this newly discovered format and use it to grow our business even more? 

As we all know, running events is a great way to promote our products and services. After all, our main expectation is to run events that get us more leads, prospects, and clients. But how can we achieve these results with online events? The answer is simple. Although planning an online event involves plenty of logistics and is similar to in-person events, this format also carries a strong lead magnet component. In other words, we can leverage the content from our events and use it to attract high-quality leads that we can, subsequently, move further through the sales funnel. How can we do that? Here’s a list of steps you may want to consider:  

Step 1. Record the online sessions and offer them as gated content

Not sure how you can use recorded online events as lead magnets? Think about your webinar strategy. Webinars are powerful video assets you can develop and record ...

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