Avoid These 6 Mistakes When Inviting the Press to Your Event

Avoid These 6 Mistakes When Inviting the Press to Your Event

Let me ask you a quick question: Would you rather appear in the morning paper or be mentioned by two industry influencers on their social media platforms?


My guess is that you won’t mind appearing in the morning paper. However, you’ll also care a lot about connecting with different influencers who’ll mention your event to their followers (aka your target group).


Both traditional news outlets and influencers are the real gatekeepers to your audiences. These gatekeepers have the means and knowledge to transform your event content into an emotional story that will grab and retain people’s attention. Your connections to both old-school journalists and new-school influencers are crucial if you want to promote your event outside its venue walls.


What’s important to remember is that you’ll want to equally engage both the traditional press and digital media (online outlets, blogs, YouTube or social media influencers, etc.). This ensures your event is highly visible and appealing to different groups of people.


However, you’ll want to avoid making a few mistakes that might weaken your relationship with the media representatives.


Here are some of them:



Not having a press and PR strategy

No matter how big or small your event ...

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