Ultrasonic Event Communication is the Solution We have All been Waiting For

Ultrasonic Event Communication is the Solution We have All been Waiting For

We organisers all like to be able to communicate real-time with our guests and send them updates about the program. We quickly devised classical event apps in order to do this, but these need Wi-Fi, 4G, ... These are not always readily available…


The American app LISNR comes with a brilliant solution: smart tones! And the good news is that you don't need special beacons or hardware for it. How does it work? Using the ordinary audio equipment, which is already present on your event, you send ultrasonic codes which we cannot hear with the naked ear, but which we can receive using our app.


This way, you can send notifications to the guests at your congress, festival, event or trade show, or you can just send them a welcome message. By 'hitching a ride' on soundwaves, these notifications will reach the devices of your visitors. They will also no longer need special equipment and are no longer dependent on an often overloaded network.


Anything using soundwaves is suitable. You can send these smart tones along with anything. Using your speakers, using live-streaming, screens at the entrance, ... For those of you who think these tones will be a nuisance: you're wrong. They're not audible, not even for our loyal quadrupeds. You can even use them through informative screens that don't emit any other sound.


Also 'close by info'

Because you determine yourself which codes you broadcast to which speakers, you can also use the Smart Tones as an alternative to iBeacons. That way, you can inform your guests where the nearest toilets are, which show/speaker will start nearby, ...


Visitors only have to download the app, after that LISNR will do the rest. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and signal are no longer necessary, this is proven by the company itself by executing most of their tests on devices that are in flight-mode. Simple, non-intrusive and innovative: for you AND your attendee!



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