Self-Parking Chairs for Your Meeting Room

Self-Parking Chairs for Your Meeting Room

These automatic parking chairs are designed to always make your meeting room look tidy. It's fun and practical, or have we really become that lazy?  


When a meeting is done and everyone goes back to work, the chairs are often left behind scattered. Apparently, this was sufficient reason for car manufacturer Nissan to address the 'problem'. The Japanese company designed an automatic parking desk chair, that moves itself back to its place when you clap your hands. It looks fun and the chairs are neatly back where they belong.  



The chairs contain sensors. Various cameras monitor the chairs and communicate with the sensors using Wi-Fi. It takes just one clap of your hands and the system will be activated. The chairs may never actually reach the market and it might just be a promotional stunt for the 'Intelligent Parking Assist', an autonomous parking functionality that Nissan recently presented and is going to integrate in its cars.  


However, there is one situation in which every event planner would love such an option. We all know the sight of a hall in which the chairs are placed in a theatre setup... Even though the chairs can often be clicked together to keep them in place, the hall looks like a battlefield after every break. Little is left of the neatly positioned rows. Wouldn't it be great if you could just clap your hands and rearrange it almost magically?


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