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ECC Leiden|
14 May 2024

Dare to choose a hotspot location with a unique appearance to convey your message or as a perfect setting for your video. ECC Leiden offers plenty of choice of unique spaces. And the great thing is, you can arrange and put them together according to your own wishes.

Stay connected

ECC Leiden offers professionally equipped studios. In collaboration with Beeldr LIVE from Leiden, the recording and production of live streaming, online events, talk shows, podcasts, webinars and online courses is in professional hands. Beeldr LIVE provides the technology: image, sound, lighting and direction. We take care of the rest!!

Custom studios

If you choose a live stream from our location, it is a nice addition to the message you want to convey. The diversity of spaces allows you to make a personal choice and visitors will recognize your company or product. The space can be provided with company banners, colors or logos that can support your company identity. Take care of the studio elements yourself or let the creatives at Beeldr LIVE do this for you. They create a flashy decor and content that suits your brand or organization.

At our location we offer various spaces that are suitable as a studio, for example The Classroom, The Pool or The Greenhouse. But one of our other rooms can also be decorated according to your wishes, there is plenty of choice in terms of appearance and size.

Full service production

A team of specialists is ready for you at our location and we are happy to think along with you. By bringing together the possibilities in location, direction and technology, we produce or disseminate exactly what you are looking for.

Knowing more? We have already detailed the above for you in this video: or watch the virtual tour to choose the space that suits you: https://www.eccleidingen .com/virtual-tour/. ECC Leiden is easily accessible and offers free parking spaces on its own grounds.

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