• Wassenaarseweg/1e Mientlaan 75, 2223 LA Katwijk, Netherlands

The TheaterHangaar is currently causing a furore as an appropriate location for the successful performance Soldaat van Oranje - De Musical. But there is more than the Theater Hangaar.

Hangaar2 is a former aircraft hangar and made suitable for events.

Hangaar2 is located at the former Marine air base Valkenburg in Katwijk. An airport that was used as an air base for the Royal Netherlands Navy until early 2007. You can taste the history everywhere at the airport. A striking description for this location is: industrial, impressive and grand with a tough look and feel. In addition, the special environment and appearance of the airport will give an extra dimension to the event.

Hangaar2 is no less than 2,450 m2. The location is very suitable for conferences, fairs and product presentations and has a capacity for 2,500 people. More is also possible, but then a separate permit is required.

Hangaar2 can also be combined with the opposite TheaterHangaar and the outdoor area, including the installation platforms, which are ideal for automotive or other mobility-related events.

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