Oceandiva London adjusts course: from regulatory battle in the UK to growth in the EU
07 February 2024

Amsterdam, February 7 - Oceandiva, a forerunner in sustainable sailing event locations, enthusiastically announces the arrival of its award-winning ship 'Oceandiva London' in the EU. This strategic decision has been made following significant challenges within the UK regulatory framework. Despite obtaining the prestigious Green Award's Platinum Label, the combination of regulatory hurdles and infrastructure shortcomings proved to be an insurmountable barrier.

Faced with these unforeseen challenges in London, Oceandiva has consciously chosen the positive energy of the European Union. This region is known for stimulating innovation and providing fertile ground for sustainable development.

“Our ambition with 'Oceandiva London' was to transform London's events scene through our sustainable initiative. However, the city's reluctance to adapt its infrastructure and regulations has led us to this choice. This is not an end for Oceandiva, but a thoughtful choice for a new beginning in cities that embrace innovation and sustainability. The introduction of 'Oceandiva London' in the EU offers our clients an opportunity to lead the transition to sustainability,” said Edwin Petersen, CEO of Oceandiva Group.

The introduction of 'Oceandiva London' in the European Union not only marks a new direction for us, but also an invitation to cities to join a movement towards sustainability and innovation. We look forward to forging strong partnerships with cities that value sustainability as much as we do and are willing to support groundbreaking initiatives.

We invite everyone to celebrate this exciting new phase with us and discover the unique opportunities offered by the award-winning ship 'Oceandiva London'. By working with partners and clients who share our passion for sustainability, we are taking steps towards a future in which events are not only unforgettable, but also have a positive impact on the world around us.

As we move in this new direction, we are also developing a new name that better reflects the essence and renewed focus of our ship. The announcement of our new name, which will happen soon, is an important part of this journey and we look forward to starting this new chapter with you!

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Kevin Van der Straeten
Leader |eventplanner.net | 09 February 2024

What a story! Best of luck with this amazing eco-friendly ship in Europe.