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Press release: New Networkapp features make events even more valuable
Networkapp | Inscene Company|
15 November 2023

Networkapp, the leading app for effective networking at events, is proud to introduce two new features that take the experience of both participants and organizers to the next level. The updates focus on optimizing private appointments during speed dates and creating an overview of multi-day events.

Improved speed dating module: privacy guaranteed

Finding valuable business connections during speed dating is now even easier and safer thanks to Networkapp's optimized speed dating module. Participants could previously make group appointments at a general meeting point via Networkapp. Only sometimes there are meetings that you prefer to keep private, such as introductory meetings, peer reviews and personal conversations. That's why private locations have now been added to the app.

Participants can now schedule a private appointment with confidence, knowing that it will remain truly private. This improvement ensures a seamless and undisrupted experience, with the entire focus on building valuable relationships.

“At Networkapp we understand the importance of privacy during networking events. With our improved speed dating module, we offer participants the opportunity to network worry-free and explore business opportunities without any distractions,” explains founder and CEO Elma Bassa.

Clear contact moments for organizers

Events often consist of several days, multiple target groups, multiple target groups and multiple contact options within the program. And that can cause dizziness, both for visitors and for the organization. That is why Networkapp has implemented an update that allows you to define contact options. This feature is a good addition for those organizing large-scale events and wanting to ensure attendees maximize the value of every touchpoint.

“Our new touch point feature helps organizers provide structure and visibility, resulting in a smoother and more streamlined event experience for everyone involved,” said Bassa.

About Networkapp

Networkapp has been a SaaS platform for events and communities since 2012. The mission is to realize meetings that make a difference, regardless of location. Networkapp contributes to the field of chain innovation and talent development, especially in the domains of sustainability & environment, (medical) science, healthcare and education. Networkapp is ISO 27001 certified and works in accordance with Arvodi, among other things.

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