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R & T Security

R & T Security
  • Zwalmlaan 8/1, 9630 Munkzwalm, Belgium

R&T Security bvba security company permit Min Binn Affairs 16.1136.12. In our experience, a thoughtful approach is one of the key elements for flawless cooperation. A tailor-made safety procedure and reporting is central. You can expect flexibility and preventive work from our professionally trained agents, "they" always make the difference.

Thorough but serene access control

Are you organizing a fair, auction, premiere show, festival or other event? A thorough, but respectful personal check is the first step in a safe and flawless course of your event.

Our people have the qualifications to monitor visitors. Thanks to our experience, we conduct every check in a serene manner.

Discreet surveillance of the site

The smallest incident can disturb the atmosphere during your event. We help you to maintain that atmosphere. Thanks to their calm approach and social interaction, our people prevent conflicts.

Is there still a problem? Then we solve this with the least inconvenience.

Thoughtful parking management

The success of your event is determined from the arrival of your visitors on the parking. Our people guide everyone to the right parking space and thus ensure smooth parking management.

The supervision during the event gives your visitors peace of mind. After the event, we ensure that everyone can leave the car park in an orderly and safe manner.

Day and night supervision of your event equipment

A lot of valuable objects are involved in an event. Just think of sound and lighting equipment for a fair or festival, expensive (art) objects for an auction, and so on.

You can contact us for supervision (with or without a dog) on all this equipment and objects. And that before, during and after your event. This way you avoid a bitter aftertaste.

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