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GEOTEAM creates and organizes interactive teambuilding GPS games in over 20 Belgian cities. The city games highlight teamwork, communication and fun. The competitive element activates the team spirit of the players. A personal touch or questions and assigments about the company can be integrated by our creative team into every activity, because all concepts are developed in-house . Our team building programs with an adventurous twist put participants to exercise and sport, and they make it a memorable day on unique locations.


Our city games can be played as a team building activity, as a trip with friends and family, or part of a bachelor party. Everyone has a blast with Geoteam Citygames!

Promote inclusivity during team building activities. How do you do that?
16 April 2024

Diversity in teams brings a range of unique perspectives and ideas, which can lead to more creative solutions and innovation. But the real difference is made by promoting inclusivity during team building activities.

How do you do that? Encourage open communication, listen to everyone's voice, and make sure all team members feel heard and valued. Diversity is an asset, but inclusivity ...

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115 reviews on Geoteam - 9.4/10

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Magdalena Oleaczek
New|Shurgard Europe sprl|

City game Ghent

Everything went well, good fun while visiting a beautiful city of Ghent. Easy organization, good contact with Geoteam, very responsive.

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Christophe Verfaillie
New|BuSO Wagenschot Eke|

Top team building afternoon @ Kortrijk

Together with colleagues from BuSO Wagenschot in Eke, we were able to participate in a GPS City Challenge in the pleasant Kortrijk. After a clear and enthusiastic explanation of the game by supervisor Femke, we were allowed to work in teams of 5 or 6 people. Armed with a smartphone & a GPS we could make our way through the city and look for the various checkpoints. One checkpoint was more difficult to find than the other, but in the end we still managed to take first place. In short, the GPS City Challenge is the ideal way to explore a city in a different way with your colleagues or friends. Worth repeating! Greetings, Christophe

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Heather Young
New|VAIA (Vlaamse AI Academie)|

Super fun team activity

Very fun game! Our team had a lot of fun (despite the rain) with the El Profesor game! The explanation could have been a little clearer, but we still managed to solve the puzzles and questions. I definitely recommend this as a team building activity.

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Sandra Verdickt

Team building Meraki 22/12/2023

Very well organised, clear communication, fun assignments. We laughed a lot, spent a nice afternoon and got to know Halle a little better! Highly recommended!

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Sarah Vandewoude

Very nice experience!

We played the game Mechelen Unboxed with a BNI group. Our team was creative in finding solutions and the participants were very helpful to each other. Very nice experience, thank you!

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Géraldine de Wouters

A very nice moment

A big thank you for the activity which took place on Friday 20/10.
All my colleagues and I had a great time.

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Alessia Stiévenart

Fantastic experience

We've had a fantastic experience with the El Profesor game, and we've received nothing but positive feedback from our guests. 😊
We would like to thank you for your cooperation and we look forward to working with you on another occasion.

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Intensieve zorgen
New|Jessa ZH|

Team building

Super! Smooth collaboration and very accessible.
On the day itself, outdoor activity turned out to be impossible due to heavy rain, but the morning itself we were able to look for solutions together. Very flexible.
The activity itself converted from Mafia city battle to another game, El Professor, was very eagerly participated by our team!
Excellent guidance from Gert!

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Marie Delvigne

Great team building activity

Very cool GPS City activity, tests, questions.
Great teambuilding, very well organized and reasonably priced!

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Bjorn Tanghe
Expert|Da Vinci Atheneum|

Another nice afternoon

For the 4th time we have called on GEOTEAM to organize an activity at our annual GWP in YPRES. This year too, the students thoroughly enjoyed the event. We are looking forward to organizing this again with our students next school year.

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Lucas Van de Slycke

Monopolis Ghent

Very cool game, supervised by a pleasant game leader! Highly recommended!

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Maja Caen
New|IKEA Belgium|

Team building IKEA Belgium

We had a fantastic team building event together with Geoteam. We played the Checkpoint game in Brussels, and we had so much fun solving the questions and discovering Brussels at the same time. The feedback from the almost 100 participants was super positive: they connected amongst each other, enjoyed being out of the meeting room, loved moving around a bit, and the game as such was fun too. We received all the pictures... all smiles. Thanks a lot, Geoteam - you are super professional and really boosted our team day!

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Seppe Gillis
New|GO! MS Halle|

Very satisfied, worth repeating

We asked GeoTeam for a team building MacGuider for more than 200 students. Not one student was bored during this morning. The app is self-explanatory, so our students (12-13 years) got used to it surprisingly quickly. A point of feedback: it would be nice if indecent and racist team names could be refused. That turned out to be a problem.

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Nils Vanhaecke

Successful team event in Brussels

Very cool way to explore Brussels. Nice variety of assignments.
Almost perfect timing to complete all assignments within the scheduled time.
Healthy competition with the other teams and an unexpected winner at the end.
The weather was better than predicted. In short, highly recommended.

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Kim Van Overvelt
New|Faculteit BE|

Reception activity for international students

Every year Geoteam organizes a GPS city game for international students who start their studies in Antwerp. A nice, fun way to get to know the city. The organization and communication are top notch. See you next year!

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