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There's a new kid in town: MOTCHA

DB Video is proud to announce the arrival of little brother MOTCHA.

Where DB Video stands for multi-camera teams, captations and productions, the young and creative team of MOTCHA will be responsible for all social media marketing videos: Corporate branding | Employer branding | company and production video | Explainer video | Animation & Graphics | Live & Interactive video | E-learning | Podcasts and Webinars | 360 / Drone / Timelapse video

And so much more....

The combination of MOTCHA 's creativity and the technological know-how of parent company DB Video offers state-of-the-art video marketing!

How MOTCHA differs from others?

In addition to making, editing and delivering videos, MOTCHA is ready to guide each team in their video marketing: in production, planning and post-production.

But also together with the team, because… Video works!


  • is a “one-stop-shop”: all in one.
  • never says NO: your dream is their challenge
  • cooperates: from idea to delivery: devise, implement, deliver
  • delivers your video within 24 hours if necessary.
  • is not regional: works all over the country, both in Flanders and the Netherlands
  • can enter the creation process at any time
  • edits your own images as well as your smartphone video recordings to a nice result
Webble-Up organizes surprising virtual events
27 May 2021

DB Video and MOTCHA join forces and launch

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Belgium | Antwerpen | Bruxelles-Capitale | Henegouwen | Limburg | Luik | Luxemburg | Namen | Oost-Vlaanderen | Vlaams-Brabant [+Brussel] | Waals-Brabant [+Bruxelles] | West-Vlaanderen
Video Reports | Webinars and Live Video Streaming
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Vacancies at MOTCHA

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MOTCHA celebrates 500th participant in free smartphone video workshops!
17 May 2021

Make a virtue of necessity! Under that motto, video marketing and production team MOTCHA switched their physical smartphone workshops to digital versions during COVID. No more practical rounds at the end of the workshop, but a 'home assignment' for those who felt like doing “do-it-yourself video”.

That video works should no longer be explained. But how to make that video ...

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