Catering service van Dijk, also known as Evenementenservice van Dijk and Snackwagenhuren nl is a versatile partner for small and large events.

The branch "catering" is a comprehensive term for everything related to eating and drinking on location, so we also have tents, chairs, tables and bars available. The branch "event service" can best be described as "event caterer", fries / snack catering but also various types of meat from a great beautiful large bbq smoker for small and large-scale events such as: dance events, festivals and public events. The branch "rental snack vans" is our rental department where you can think of fries / snack sales vans for small and large events. Whether you are looking for a car for the association with 2 pans or a car with up to 6 pans for a festival, you can find them all with everything in between at snack car rental viz.

Cateringservice van Dijk presents new cars.
31 December 2021

Of course we have not been idle in the past year, the fleet has been rejuvenated with these 2 beautiful cars.

Both 4.5 meters long, 1 with a 4 pans perfecta and 1 with a 3 pans smitto.

Both can be rented for any desired rental period.

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Kevin V.
Leader | | 31 December 2021

Proficiat met jullie nieuwe wagens!

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Jasper Pott
New|Pott Projectmanagement|

Easy party and willing to think along

Cateringservice van Dijk is a party with whom I have done good business. From idea to final implementation, they thought along with me in the design of my event. Thanks to their knowledge and experience, they know how to set up constellations in a logical way and, above all, it also looks pleasant. Above all, a party that demands a fair fee for its services. When we are allowed again (Covid) I will definitely bring them in again!

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Cateringservice van Dijk
The events sector is going wild again !!
31 May 2021

Immediately after the news came out that the events can resume, requests for catering and snack car rental started pouring in again.

Our cooperation has already been recorded for the following events: Enjoy live, boulevard outdoor, "In het park" Enschede, Freshtival, Free festival, Under the radar, Hardfest, Hotspot, Military Boekelo, Jordaan festival Purmerend, The Hague outdoor, 777 festival Den Hedge, ...

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