How to Plan Your First Executive Breakfast

How to Plan Your First Executive Breakfast

One of the reasons why people attend events is to network while discussing the latest industry happenings. This is particularly true for C-suite executives, whose work is based on heavy decision-making derived from the latest insights and interactions.


However, the very nature of these responsibilities may prevent them from finding the time to interact with like-minded people with additional industry knowledge. Events are the perfect excuse to take a break from work and focus on building meaningful relationships with other executives or key stakeholders. And attending an executive breakfast is one of those events.


Executive breakfasts are small- to medium-sized gatherings that offer a conversational platform to high-level professionals. The dynamic itself can take multiple forms, such as roundtable discussions, conferences, group problem-solving activities, or world cafes.


As the name indicates, these events take place before noon and are usually accompanied by a breakfast. The core purpose of this type of event is to engage different executives in industry-related conversations, help them extend their network, and gain firsthand solutions or insights to different issues.


Compared to other events, executive breakfasts are quite exclusive and focus on gathering the all-stars of a specific industry together. If you’ve never run an executive ...

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